In 2011, I purchased my first cowboy aluminum truck bed for my new 3500 dodge truck. I had seen T&G truck beds at various sale barns on other trucks and basically, just liked the looks of the beds. Not really paying attention to costs between various manufactures of truck beds, I wanted to support a company that was local in Princeton, WV and hired local craftsmen to make the beds from scratch. Years later I discovered the true meaning of craftsmanship as friends of mine with other beds were having to take the trucks to local welders to have different adjustments and re-welds done. Fast forward to 2016 and another new Dodge 3500 and without hesitation, I purchased an additional cowboy flat bed for my truck. The attention to detail is unmatched anywhere and if there is ever a place that should have the logo of "BUY WITH CONFIDENCE" it is at T&G Sales in Princeton, WV. My thanks to Tony, Amy, and the entire work force at T&G for a great experience and for quality throughout on their products. -- Jeff

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Jeff Lawson
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Churchville, Va 24421
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The City of Bluefield has been very pleased with the service and quality of the truck beds we ordered from T&G. Quality products and durable craftsmanship! We would be happy to recommend T&G to any potential client!


I am so happy with my new bed! Please pass this on to your staff......great Job!.....went together perfect .....I just love a clean "old" truck.........Bravo! Put this on your website to show folks that you can give a good old truck a second life!
Ted at Windy Hill Farm

The bed looks great! Everyone there is very impressed with it! I will finish the wiring and tool boxes and mudflaps when I get back from vacation in a couple weeks. Thank you so much for answering all my questions so I didn't have to do things twice! Hopefully I can get you more business! You have the best customer service and delivery of anyone there is!
David Brue